We are called Sometimers because sometimes we get together to just have fun. We work sometimes, and we travel sometimes. This group is made up mostly of retired members of the church.  However, we do have some members who still work.  We welcome people from different age groups also.

We have game and food nights twice a month on the first and third Thursdays.  We bring pot luck food items and play games:  checkers, dominos, rook, and other card games.  We gather at 6:00 and play until we decide to stop. 

Sometimes we take overnight trips. We have gone to Savannah, Mobile, Nashville, and several other locations.  We usually go by bus and stay 2 nights and 3 days.  In December we take a big trip during Christmas season.

Sometimes we have day trips.  These occur more often.  We take a yearly trip in fall to the Blue Ridge area of Georgia for apples. We have taken trips to the Amish Country in Tennessee, to the Peach Park in Clanton, Alabama, and to Atlanta to the Fox Theater, etc.

We always have a great time and welcome newcomers.