Sometimes we are very blind to the things that are around us and even the things right in front of us. Growing up I never thought that the kid sitting next to me in math class did not have breakfast that morning or the kid I was swinging next to at recess may not be eating dinner that night. I had breakfast every morning, school lunch, a snack after school and supper on the table. Some kids are only guaranteed the school lunch because it was always going to be there.

As Americans, we want to think these things don’t happen where we live. The reality is it could be happening to your neighbor or the new couple with the three children that started attending church recently.

When the April 27th storm came through it did severe damage and ripped away homes, lives and a sense of security. It also opened our eyes to what was really going on in our community… Adults and children were going hungry.

In a recent survey by Feeding America, the number of children in Alabama that go unfed is too large. In 2013, Alabama had over a million children in the state; 294,060 were food insecure. That year, the percentage of food insecure children was twenty-seven, which means 7,170 children in Calhoun County didn’t have food when they woke up for school or when they got home each day. That number has only increased since then.

With the help of church members, local churches and community individuals donations (monetary and food) we are able to continue this mission each school year. For the 2014-2015 school year, we made 65 bags a week for the children to take home. Once the food and bags are purchased or donated, the youth group packs the bags on Wednesday nights. One of the school staff members come and retrieve the bags from the church to be handed out on Fridays. There are even students who deliver the bags to the classrooms of the students who receive the bags. The whole community has a part in this great mission!

What we give these children may not be much to you or me but to a child who doesn’t have food in his/her pantry it is everything. We do not know what goes on in each household and why they do not have the necessities but that is not what we focus on. Our focus is that children in America, Jesus’ children, shouldn’t be going hungry.

If you would like more information about what we do or are even interested in making a time, food or money donation you can contact the church office at (256) 435-5020.